Big new challenges or tschuntschientschuncontatschun tschancs tschufs

I think if someone would have told me one year ago what will expect me 2015 i probably wouldnt have believed it and i think the end of 2014 was with all the big news and changes one oft he most exciting times in my life until now. With all the big exciting news from my private life there was at the same moment a lot of things in my sportive/professional life that changed that put in front of many new but very positive challenges and this bloggarticle will be about these professional changes now 🙂

In autumn 2014 I had been working as a independent sportpsychologist for about 2,5 years and i was happy with the output after this period with more and more little assignments especially for some small clubs, federations and single athletes as well as I was doing a coaching job for the aargauer regional squad in orienteering and also still organising some teambuilding competitions. I liked to do all these things even if of course the changes with a lot (too much) to do and not much (too less to do) in the various periods of the year were not so easy – but I just saw that as a little disadvantage of being self employed in the middle of many advantages as well.

Anyway in autumn I got the feeling that I really would like to change some small things in my professional life: especially quitting some of the small administrative exhausting jobs and searching for bigger projects (especially with even more direct contact to many athletes with less administrative work) but also search for something a bit more structured for part time – maybe also as working in a team (as I thought that would be a good alternative for me to my selfemployed work) Who would have thought that all these wishes get fulfilled within a very short period of time – even if in directions I probably wouldnt have thought…

The first big project starting in the autumn that I saw as a really good chance for me was that I could start to work with the federation of my probably most favorite sport (except of probably orienteering 😉 – Alpine Skiing. The department of Alpine Skiing of the Swiss Skiing Federation started a big project in sportpsychology with a few different experts – a team I was very happy to be part of working mainly with coaches and athletes on the female side. Lots of interesting work with many different people and a longterm project I am really happy to be working for.


Just a few weeks later after my first workdays for Swiss Ski I got an offer from the swiss orienteering federation to overtake the position of the female junior squad coach. I was very happy about that offer even if I knew that with my other new projects in professional and personal live this would be a big challenge. After some thinking, talking with my new “bosses” and with a deep feeling that I really would like to do take that challenge I said yes and started with my new junior coach job in January. If I look back now the best decision I could have made: I got the chance to work with my own team of highly motivated and lovely girls in a super coaches team and all the events until now this year – with a good training camp in France, many training weekends and finally a unforgettable JWOC in Norway (where I was thankfully replaced by my husband Matthias in the coaching job –but being with the team as a personal fan/cook /girlforeverything) were such a good experience and I am very satisfied with the work and outcome until now– personally with the girls as well as in the girls team and I am already looking forward to the challenges/events that may come  (by the way congratulations of course to all the girls and the whole swiss team at JWOC for their great performances!!!)


Besides the Swiss Ski and Swiss Orienteering projects there is a third project I really would like to mention on the sportpsychological side which ended this June and which is very different to the other two but still was a big pleasure and experience for me to do:

For almost two years I could mentally guide/coach the team from the Schaffhauser Shooting Federation participating at the “Eidgenössisches SChützenfest”  – an experience I also will never forget. It ended with the big competition in Visp/Wallis this June.  Thanks to the hospitality and openness of the team but even more the effort they put in getting mentally better shooters – I really wish this team and their leaders all the best for the next year to continue the good work they have started.

Pictures by Markus Stanger – thanks:


And now in the end to clear the question: what does the strange sentence in the title mean? Hm – you can find it out yourself. Just so much: its romansh – that’s the language that is still spoken in some regions of Engadin/Graubünden – a swiss region where within half a year there will take place two big sports competitions in the two sports I am working with most at the moment. The Junior World Championships in Orienteering in summer 2016 and the Alpine Ski World Championships in winter 2017. A bit of a coincidence but there is worse places to spend time in … 🙂

Now to all the orienteers starting with the Orienteering World Championships in Scotland today: Good luck – nice competions and yes it is still a strange feeling to sit at home and do other things instead going to WOC like we did many years but hej – always be open for changes and challenges in live!

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