Time goes by – things change…

Another year is over! Another year with no single article on my blog – and the next World Orienteering Championships are about to start.

The first WOC after years i have absolutely no personal connection to – and it feels strange to be back home in Switzerland with everyone going to Italy – strange – but somehow also natural.

After running a few EYOCs, 4 JWOCs, 2 EOCs,  4 WUOCs and 3 WOCs (2008-2010) and some time passing after my last international Championships i 2012 i can with some distance look back to some quite Ok Results and especially many unforgetable moments and people i met during this time – memories and connections that will probably last forrever – starting with a JWOC 2002 in Alicante and finishing with a WUOC 2012 – again in Alicante.
Of course there is sometimes a little wistfulness that i maybe didnt make the best of the talent i showed as a youth runner – but in the end I see now that to get world-class it probably would have been better for me to maybe do at a certain point a little bit less than i did: travel a lot, study two degrees at the same time and additionally work half time – i loved those things and am happy i did them -but  it probably was a bit too much at certain times to really get better as an athlete. Even if i probably wouldnt have believed that of people (coaches…) telling me at the time – i maybe still had enough time for training – but your body also needs to rest some times and as i see it now many of my injuries and also my physical developement would have been much better with a bit more relaxation 😉

WOC 2009 Sprint Quali - Photo: Worldofo - my  runners profile

WOC 2009 Sprint Quali           Photo: Worldofo – my runners profile

In the end everything turned out good tough i must say: Even after slowly and quiet but now quite  definate finishing my carreer as a competitive athlete i still love sports (maybe more various than before) and like to set my own small goals and since Matthias finished his carreer last autumn we know find time for other things we didnt have time for since years – as doing long hiking, road biking, multisport races, more diving, downhill skiing etc.  – its somehow a good feeling to have a few weekends off a year too for a (slowly) getting older married couple 😉

getting married

Happiest day in my life – last year in September – getting married to Matthias                                     (Photo by Matthias Pall)

With stepping back from the athlete side it went really fast for me  to step again into sports on the professional/job side tough. As a sportpsychologist and partly also orienteering coach it went so fast to be suddenly on the  other side – the coaches side:

With our move to switzerland two years ago i started up my own business as a sportpsychologist  – and even if i have to take things step by step (and of course it sometimes feels like going too slow) i am very happy with my job and the progresses with my company after two years especially because of the wonderful coaching sessions, training camps and competitions i could experience in quite a few different sports already (tennis, skiing, shooting, handball, icehockey, MTBO but of course also foot-orienteering) and there is nothing better than supporting athletes that they can show their ability in competitions – which is mostly the main goal in coaching them mentally.

But i also – even if i would have never thought like that – started in orienteering as a coach a little bit. After starting with coaching some austrian juniors as a personal coach i started in the Aargauer Regionalkader – a regional o-squad in switzerland – as a coach 1,5 years ago and i really enjoy it a lot with the athletes and the coaches-team. With Bettina Aebi i also got the chance to give my experience to a young very promising ahlete as a personal coach. With some coaching in the swiss NLZ, leading some fitnesstraining for tennis players, organising teambuilidng competitions – (teamchallenge.ch/at) with Matthias in Switzerland and Austria and even organising a training camp for orienteering this spring in Krk – you see that i seldom get bored of good and bad ideas and work 🙂

on travel with the NWK Aargau

on travel with the NWK Aargau  – Photo by Beat  Meier

And i am even getting involved in international orienteering competitions this summer: as a sportpsychologist i will go with the Austrian WUOC and MTBO -Team to Czech Republic and Poland this August – two weeks and tasks i am looking extremely foward to!

But: What to do with this blog now?

As i dont think it is very interesting for you to read about my 27th place at regional championships in xy I had the idea to continue writing from the more coaches view of perspective and about some sportpsychological interesting topics here. Starting soon – written in german – (but hej- what do we have google translater for?!) i hope you all enjoy it!

For everyone in Italy

Good luck! Have fun! Show your potential! But especially also ENJOY it! This experiences make your life so much richer! 

Cu soon around Yours Karin


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