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Travelblogg – right link

I heard the link from my last article to my travelblog was wrong:

here the right one:


Around the world – or in Laos paradise!

It was my original plan to follow the world cup in check republic a bit on the internet but there is actually places in the world where there is no internet or mobile connection.

In the middle of Laos rainforest it feels like paradise and after 7 hours by boat i stayed with some other travellers in the small rainforest village of Pak Beng. The village got electricity one year ago, has some guesthouses and one bar. But its one of the most beautiful places i have seen in my life along the Malong river a massive river threw Laos rainforest.

How that all came:

The summer was intense! A lot of nice trips, a lot of work – much happened. Some really nice orienteering and holiday weeks in France and Switzerland.

Work was a bit more in the frontfor me  this year why orienteering got a bit more in the background. One of the reasons for that was that i planned this trip this autumn for a long time and now its already almost 2 weeks i am travelling.

The plan is to do a trip for a bit more than 3 months with stations once around the world – starting with 5 weeks in south east asia by myself and Matthias coming in the middle of october to continue with me to Singapur, Australia, Fiji and USA. Already after two weeks in Thailand and Laos i can say that this is one of the greatest things i have ever done in my live every day gaining new experience, getting to know new people.

If you are interested you can follow me on my travelblog.´

I also try to put a lot of pictures there! Enjoy!

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